We use community organizing as our main tactic


-Our Mission

The organization strives to create communities in which residents accept, respect, and value one another; justice, equity, and the democratic process are upheld in all interactions.

-Our Vision

NH Interfaith Action Fund envisions a state and a nation in which elected officials at all levels are accountable to the communities in which they serve!

We vision a state where everyone, regardless of immigration status, has enough healthy food, access to safe and affordable housing, decent health care, an equitable education and living wage work with dignity.

We unite to strengthen our collective voice in decisions that affect our communities by taking action on issues such as poor housing, failing schools, barriers to citizenship, unjust working conditions, and costly health care that put our neighborhoods at risk. We work together for a just society.

In addition to educating our communities about the impact gubernatorial, congressional, state legislative and local town and city races have on our daily lives, the Fund is working to ensure that all voters have access to the information they need to vote their values and hold elected officials
accountable to those values.

The NH Interfaith Action Fund’s has three primary goals:

* Helping people of faith who to organize in local communities in New Hampshire to develop power to hold elected officials accountable for representing their constituents and the common good.

* Closing the race, income and age gap in voting participation rates.

* Re-imagining and shifting the formula that governs the voting industry by centering faith voters, voters of color and low income voters in voter engagement programs so every person has the right to vote and every vote has equal power.

We Support People to Reach Their Full Potential

What We Do

Engage Voters

We Build Networks

We Strengthen

We Educate

Encourage Civic Participation

We Consult